My Kind Of Town: Rosie Crow on Cornwall

Rosie Crow

Outsider art. There are connotations, usually to do with the state of mind of the creator.

But it can also be simpler than that. Rosie Crow lives somewhere that’s “barely a village”, on the finger of England that reaches out into the Atlantic. Such isolation can have its benefits, allowing the artist to pursue their craft free from the distractions and bustle of urban living. Given the incessant noise of 2016, that’s not necessarily a bad place to do your work.

Previously trading under the Rosie & The Goldbug moniker, Crow’s eponymous solo album is released on 9th December, and sounds very now – carefully considered pop music with theatrical touches; if your collection includes albums from Kate B (not Katey B.) or Nerina Pallot say, then you may well find something to delight you here. (It also makes an ideal festive gift!)

You know the score by now. We get musicians to pick out some of their favourite haunts, watering holes and suchlike, thereby giving a bit of insight into, y’know, where they’re – literally – coming from. Because Rosie lives in the middle of nowhere, we cut her some slack and let her talk about a whole damn county.


The best pubs in Cornwall are the hidden gems near the beaches. The Victoria Inn at Peranuthnoe is perfect for getting a cosy tipple when you’ve been for a cold, wet and wintery walk with the dog.

I get especially excited around Christmas when you can get warm near the fire and talk crap to your nearest and dearest over a hot toddy!


We are spoilt for choice for good restaurants in Cornwall with the rise of the celebrity chef. It’s hard to know which is the best. I would go with The Victoria Inn again but also Kota in Portleven – beautiful food!

Live Music

Apart from the Eden Project (which has loads of amazing acts) there isn’t any particular small venue that is the ‘place to go’ at the moment.

But there are loads of brilliant festivals in Cornwall in the summer: Port Eliot, Boardmasters, Porthleven Food Festival, Little Orchard Cider Festival and Leopallooza are amazing and have so many great acts.


Falmouth is a student town and has loads of interesting vintage and charity shops. You can lose yourself for hours wondering the streets.


Best Kept Secret

Nanjizal! It’s a beach that you have to walk to across the cliffs and along a footpath. But when you get there, it is breathtaking. It has a naturally occurring swimming pool. It’s bright turquoise in the summer. You could be on another planet.


PJ Harvey at The Eden Project. She was incredible. There weren’t that many people there – which was surprising – but she was mesmerising.

Great Escape

Port Eliot literary festival is dreamy. Loads of great acts, poetry and music. I love it!

For more information about Rosie Crow, visit her Facebook page.
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