Welcome Pack: DiabloFurs


The sound down on the street is scuzz ‘n roll, where the guitars hang low and the pedals are turned up to helleven.

Nottingham’s DiabloFurs know the score. They traded their souls for a hotwire to your heart, mixing Max’s Kansas City trash and post-Mary Chain chaos on a debut single, ‘Sweet Janine‘, a red hot 7 inch that’s wound up tighter than Harry Houdini’s straightjacket. Their future’s so bright, they’ve already brought the shades. We thought it was time to give them five minutes with us eediots.

Greetings, DiabloFurs. Please introduce yourselves, starting with the band member with the smallest feet and working up.

Danielle: Size 5. Bass player with shit-tons of fuzz. In love with music that’s full of the same.

Suze Furz: Also size 5. Vocals. No fuzz. Shit tons of attitude. But ditto about fuzzy music.

Becks Truman: Fur Drums. Big loud drums. No messing.

Rob Furs: Fuzz Fuzz Fuzz. Bigger Feet.

You’re about to release your debut single and play a launch gig. Tell us a little about the single and what it says about DF.

It’s dirty, fuzzy, raw and you can’t ignore it. You couldn’t ignore it anyway as it’s full of hooks and is actually memorable. It’s not bland shit like 90% of what passes for alternative music now.

What was the most catastrophic equipment SNAFU you’ve experienced at a gig?

Most of our gigs seem to feature some kind of chaos – not that that ever stops us from playing. I think accidentally fracturing Suze’s wrist against my bass was probably the most serious one. Losing teeth as well – that’s happened twice.

What would your ultimate DiabloFurs merch be, if budget were no issue?

A vinyl player. Yes please!

Tell us the stupidest thing that you ever saw happen at school.

The stupidest would be the impression that some people actually liked going there. I suppose masochism can take on many strange forms. My schoool kept getting set on fire. That was pretty cool.

DiabloFurs pizza – what’s the topping?

Sunblush tomato, buffalo mozzarella and raw chili. Looks great, tastes beautiful, burns your face off. Or maybe baby tears and shrapnel.

Do any of the band have famous ancestors? If not, tell us who your favourite local celebrity is.

Vernon Coker. Local MP with a great porn star name.

Can you remember the first verse of the first song you ever wrote?

“David Bowie sings in German, David Bowie sings in French.”

Big up the Nottingham scene. What other bands/venues are worth checking out?

Lots of bands pass through Nottingham. My favourites include The Madeline Rust, Trioxin Cherry, Babe Punch and (not from Notts, but they play here a lot) Nervous Twitch.

For venues (aside from the Rock City owned ones that are easy to find), check out The Lofthouse, Jamcafe, Rough Trade, and the Chameleon Cafe.

Cover song – Lou Reed or Bowie, and what’s the track?

‘White Light White Heat’ done in the Bowie Live style, so best of both really.

DiabloFurs play a single launch gig at Nottingham’s Lofthouse on 23rd September. Keep up with furry news via their Twitter account. Band photo courtesy Kayleigh Desnos.

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