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There have been a few e-mails lately from acts professing an admiration for Fugazi. Now, that’s all well and good but it does rather set the bar at a level where a workaday scissor jump would have to be replaced by serious Fosbury flop skillz.

Cheshire’s Simmer, with debut album Paper Prisms out this week, instead use the DC quartet as a springboard to explore texture, their wash of guitar underpinned by muscular rhythms that leave no time for staring at one’s shoes. We’re reminded somewhat of Kentucky emo legends Elliot and, frankly, that’s not the kind of shit we drop lightly.

Anyway, time for another Welcome Pack, where the act in question graciously answer stupid questions. Take it away chaps!

Greetings, Simmer. Please introduce yourselves, starting with whoever has the smallest feet and working up.

As from today we are actually a five piece now. Starting with Leanne Griffiths, Jake Plumb, myself (Julius Schiazza), Adam Kemp and Gary Twigg.

You’re doing some dates to promote your new album. Who gets to choose the music in the van? Do you ever fight about who gets to sit where?

Well, we’ve actually only ever been on tour twice, and one of them was in a car. Muskets dictated most the vibes on our first tour. Things can get a little sour once all that pop-punk stuff comes on.

What was the most important bit of kit you’ve forgotten to take to a gig?

We’re quite organised surprisingly. Well, our drummer Gary is should I say. So only the odd lead or a plectrum. I guess the worst is yet to come.

What was the worst place you’ve ever had to stay after a show?

We’ve also had the luxury of staying at some fairly nice places. Also, if I say who’s house was the worst, and they read this, I won’t be invited back, you get me?

You’ve got a new video – tell us a little about that.

For the ‘Sinewy video’ we gave our friend Henry creative control over the whole thing. It did originally have sub titles but we decided against them last minute.

Tell us the stupidest thing that you ever saw happen at school.

Some dumb shit happened at school. Some kid set the curtains on fire in assembly once. Anther jumped out a three story building window during lesson.

Which band member has the coolest Mum or Dad?

I haven’t met our latest two members parents as of yet, but I’m sure they’re pretty cool. As for the other two, Jake’s mum is cool, and so is Gary’s dad, Nigel.

What were the words of the first verse of the first song you ever wrote?

I can’t actually remember the first Simmer song we wrote together and whether it made the EP cut but I’m gonna take a guess at ‘Sitka’: ‘Shield me from reality, feed me more insanity’ or something like that anyway.

If you were going to cover a Lady Gaga track, what would it be?

Lady Gaga song? I’ve only ever heard one I think. That Poker face one? I’m not even gonna bother Youtubing here to find a decent one or to pretend I know more.

Finally, which shirt should I wear? Grey or blue?

Wear the grey one, man!

Paper Prisms is released on 29th February via Dog Knights Productions. Simmer play a series of dates with Leatherneck and Water Canvas, starting at Old Blue Last, London on the 27th. For more details, visit their Facebook page.

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