Yuck announce new album and dates


Yuck return to the fray with a new album, Stranger Things, and a couple of London dates before they head off for a 25 date North American tour.

Recorded in London over the course of several months, Stranger Things (26th February via MAME Records) reflects the state of affairs within the group. “The band feels better now than it ever has,” says frontman Max Bloom, “We recorded the drums in a rehearsal studio by our house, which we’ve rehearsed at for ages. Everything else was done at my parent’s house – in the same room we recorded the first record, which wasn’t an intentional thing. It’s just the only quiet space that we have access to in London! Mostly I wanted to make the in a space that I was comfortable in. I wanted no one else involved–just me and Ed and Mariko and Johnny. I just wanted to get on with it and make something that was truly us and not affected by any outside influences. We basically spent no money on the record and it was a really relaxed way of doing things. I really, really like it. I’m more proud of it than anything we’ve ever done.”

They play London’s Moth Club on 26th and 27th February.

Check out new track ‘Hearts in Motion’ below.

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