The return of Twin Peaks: Lemuria interview


Back – way back – in the midsts of time, we used to publish a little Twin Peaks fanzine/newsletter thing; a youthful endeavour that not very many people read but which kept us out of trouble. Co-incidentally, the series’ original airing sat beside one of those regional musical happenings that blow up from time to time; in this instance, Washington State, on the north-west coast of the USA became the focus not just of a cult TV phenomenon, but also the grunge sound of Seattle and its environs. For a while, it seemed like the most happening place on the planet.

Some of the series’ success was down to Angelo Badalamenti’s ethereal score, one that’s continued to resonate to an uncommon degree with musicians – beginning with the sample that underpinned Moby’s 1992 breakthrough hit to, most obviously, Xiu Xui’s tribute album from last year. Along the way, there have been other nods to the series – countless cover tracks, music videos aping David Lynch’s surreal stylings and even a few kinda lazy band names (Twin Peaks, we’re looking at you, mainly).

With the revival of the series only days away, anticipation is about to reach fever pitch. A new version of my own TP ‘zine was planned – and will eventually appear! – but, y’know, life. In the meantime, we had spoken to Max Gregor, bassist for indie rockers Lemuria a while back, with the intention of featuring in the ‘zine but with the new screening approaching, we thought it best to just get it out there. Vocal fans of the show – one of their first items of merchandise was a ‘Log Lady’ t-shirt – they’re typical of a generation too young to really recall the initial airings, yet for whom the shadow cast by the murder of Laura Palmer is a long one.

What was your introduction to Twin Peaks and/or the world of David Lynch?

My sister had Eraserhead and I watched it when I was way younger, maybe 10 or 11. Definitely didn’t appreciate it back then, just gave me nightmares, which I guess is kinda the point in a roundabout way. I ended up watching Blue Velvet, though, in my early 20s, and that was really what did it for me and started my Lynch kick.

One moment during that kick that sticks with me is, without ever having seen it, I rented Lost Highway for a first date. She’d never seen it either. Anyway, great/classic film, but one of the most awkward sex scenes in any movie in the first 10 minutes, definitely a strange way to begin a relationship.

Do you have any particular favourite scenes or moments from the series?

Bob at the foot of Laura’s bed always sends shivers. Cooper bleeding out and the belhop not at all understanding what’s going on is also great. One of my favorites is actually from the film, Fire Walk With Me, and it’s the beginning to Laura’s dream sequence as she’s looking at the photo of the door on the wall – that whole transition I though was wonderful.

As a musician, tell us a little about how you perceive the Peaks soundtrack. Does it feed at all into your own work?

Well, I definitely listened to some Julee Cruise once I dove a little deeper! The score, though, that Angelo Badalamenti created does a lot to help with the aforementioned immersion into the world. The music style I can imagine wasn’t particularly popular during that time in the early 90s, nor is it particularly relatable today, so it offers something unique and other worldly to the show. It’s also used in certain ways at time’s where it doesn’t always “fit” with the action or the feeling- but in an intentional way where it makes you remember what you’re watching.

How far does your interest go? Do you have a Twin peaks tattoo? A dog called Bob? Do you insist on having Peaks marathons with people who haven’t seen it?

Ha! No tattoos – YET! I have made it a point to go visit the Double R diner for coffee and pie – twice now! – whenever I’m near Seattle on tour. I’ve also seen the falls by the ‘Great Northern’ hotel. It’s actually a really nice part of the country, as you would imagine, so it’s not tough to convince even non-Twin Peaks fans to make a detour.

I also have subjected many friends and lovers to viewing binges. I’ve never had anyone give up watching or tell me it wasn’t for them though! If I did I probably wouldn’t have much in common with them anyway!

Complete this sentence: “If you haven’t seen Twin Peaks …”

Start from the beginning, binge the first three episodes, and then don’t leave out the prequel once you’re through! Some folks give the movie a lot of shit but I think it’s incredible and as good as the rest of the series.

Audrey or Shelly?

Audrey for sure.


An unedited version of our chat with Max will appear in our Peakszine when it eventually appears.

Lemuria play dates in the UK and Ireland in July, with Mikey Erg and Colour Me Wednesday in support. For more details, visit their website.

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