Crowdfunder launched as The Lucid Dream have equipment stolen

The Lucid Dream

In the wake of a devastating theft in Paris in which they lost all their touring instruments and equipment, The Lucid Dream have launched a Crowdfunding effort in the hope of raising enough money to allow them to continue as a band.

In a statement, the band said:

We have lost a huge amount of equipment, most of which holds great sentimental value to all of us and is irreplacable. Some of this gear has belonged to us since we were 14 years old and some we have worked our backsides off to buy.

As everyone knows music is what we live for and it breaks our hearts to think of letting the band suffer because of the act of some ignorant thieves.

We hope, with a little help from our friends and fans, that we can look to replace some of the equipment we have lost so that we can continue to gig and record music. We have been blown away with the show of support from everyone so far and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Anyone wishing to make a donation to the band can visit the Crowdfunding page here.

The Lucid Dream

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