Dave Davies offers unreleased material on ‘Decade’

Dave Davies

Kinks guitarist Dave Davies releases a new 13-track collection of previously unreleased recordings, Decade, on 12th October via Red River Entertainment/BFD.

Decade includes songs written by Davies over the course of a 10-year period prior to the release of his first solo album, 1980’s AFL1-3603.

From the press release:

“Although for many, the 70s are not generally considered a particularly productive period for Dave in terms of songwriting, the opposite was true. During the period of 1973 to 1975, The Kinks moved into their own recording studio, Konk, which Dave took a major role in setting up and developing. “I’m always really into the sound, and the mixes, and gadgets, and the whole schmiel…and we got a studio up and running, because obviously it was an ideal situation for The Kinks to have our own studio, and record when we liked. And also, I was able to go in, and make what I thought were demos – these recordings,” says Davies.

Although not necessarily written with The Kinks in mind, ‘Decade’ includes “songs from, like, ’72, ’75, right through that decade,” as well as one or two tracks recorded but not used for AFL1-3603. ‘Midnight Sun’ was inspired by Dave’s friendship with a school friend who later fell deep into the hole of drugs, and whose early death affected Dave profoundly, personally and creatively. There are also two instrumental tracks including ‘The Journey’ intended as an overture for a project that remains elusive.”


Cradle to the Grave
Midnight Sun
If You Are Leaving
Web of Time
Mystic Woman
Give You All My Love
The Journey
Within Each Day
Same Old Blues
Mr. Moon
This Precious Time (Long Lonely Road)

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