Grace Jones schedules Warm Leatherette deluxe edition

Warm Leatherette vinyl

Grace Jones‘ 1980 album Warm Leatherette secures a deluxe release on 17th June via Island/UMG. It will be available on 4LP / 2CD / Blu Ray pure audio / download.

Recorded at Compass Point Studios in Nassau, Island Records boss Chris Blackwell assembled a new band for Jones to work with. It was led by the legendary rhythm section of Robbie Shakespeare and Sly Dunbar, with keyboard player Wally Badarou, guitarists Mikey ‘Mao’ Chung and Barry ‘White’ Reynolds and percussionist Uziah ‘Sticky’ Thompson.

The newly-remastered collection, brings together the entire Warm Leatherette album, b-sides, rare and unreleased in-era mixes, long versions and instrumental versions (to fit the album on to the 39 minutes prescribed for vinyl at the time, a considerable amount of editing had to be done).


Disc One

Original album:

1     Warm Leatherette  4.28
2      Private Life  5.13
3      A Rolling Stone  3.32
4      Love Is The Drug  7.12
5      The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game  3.51
6      Bullshit  5.22
7      Breakdown  5.31
8      Pars  4.09

Long Versions:

9      Warm Leatherette (Long Version)  5.36
10   Private Life (Long Version)  6.20
11   A Rolling Stone (Long Version)  5.43
12   Love Is The Drug (Long Version)  8.41
13   The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game (Long Version)  6.47
14   Pars (Long Version)  5.40

Disc Two: Long Versions, Single Versions And Remixes:

1      Private Life (Long Version 2)  7.55 (Previously Unreleased Mix.)
2      Private Life (Dub Version)  8.06
3      She’s Lost Control (Long Version)  8.23
4      She’s Lost Control (Dub Version)  8.38
5      Love Is The Drug (Single Version)  4.41
6      Private Life (Single Version)  4.39
7      She’s Lost Control (Single Version)  3.46
8      The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game (Special Single Version)  3.21
9      Breakdown (U.S. Single Edit)  3.08
10   Pars (Single Version)  4.24 Previously Unreleased Mix.
11   Pars (Dub Version) 4.41 Previously Unreleased Mix.
12   Love Is The Drug (12″ Single Remix)  7.23
13   Private Life (12″ Single Remix)  7.04

Blu Ray And HD Digital Audio Bonus Tracks: Additional Long Versions, Single Versions And Remixes

1      She’s Lost Control (Long Version 2)  6.45
2      She’s Lost Control (Long Version 3)  5.45
3      Love Is The Drug (Single Remix)  3.21
4      Private Life (Single Remix)  4.04
5      Warm Leatherette (Francois Kevorkian Remix)  6.32 (Previously Unreleased Mix.)

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