Urusei Yatsura radio sessions album planned

Glasgow’s Urusei Yatsura release a BBC radio sessions album, You Are My Urusei Yatsura, on 2nd September via Rocket Girl.

Guitarist/singer Graham Kemp notes, “Some of the recordings we did for the BBC, I think, are better than what eventually made it onto vinyl. We did ‘Kewpies Like Watermelon’ live in the control room for Radio Scotland and we had just learned it so it sounds really fresh and exciting. The version of ‘Siamese’ is the best we ever captured, and I love the ‘Dice/Nae Dice’ tune we wrote especially for Peel”.


1.Plastic Ashtray (Evening Session 5/8/96)
2.First Day On A New Planet (Peel Session 2/4/96)
3.Kewpies Like Watermelon (Live Radio Scotland 1995)
4.Phasers On Stun (Evening Session 5/8/96)
5.Siamese (Evening Session 5/8/96)
6.No No Girl (Evening Session 21/1/98)
7.Hello Tiger (Peel Session 29/7/97)
8.Exidor (Peel Session 29/7/97)
9.Slain By Elf (Evening Session 21/1/98)
10.Flaming Skull (Peel Session 29/7/97)
11.Dice/Nae Dice (Peel Session 29/7/97)

The album will be released on limited pink vinyl, CD and digital download.

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