The Verve re-issue seminal albums

On 9th September, UMC are set to release expanded editions of The Verve‘s first two albums A Storm In Heaven and A Northern Soul. Both are re-mastered by Chris Potter (co-producer of the band’s Urban Hymns) at Metropolis studios,  and the new packages feature previously unreleased and never-heard-before tracks, E.P. and b-sides and BBC sessions.

Both albums are presented as 3CD box sets (A Storm In Heaven also contains a bonus DVD) and both come with booklets featuring new interviews and previously unseen photos. Limited edition vinyl versions will also be released in reproductions of the original packaging.

A Storm In Heaven:

The album is augmented by the inclusion of all the pre-album E.P. tracks, associated b-sides and acoustic versions, as well as two previously unreleased BBC radio sessions and two unreleased studio tracks – ‘South Pacific’ and ‘Shoeshine Girl’. The accompanying DVD presents a 1992 Camden Town Hall concert, the USA promo video for ‘Blue’, unseen footage of the band in New York in October 1992 and a video for the unreleased ‘South Pacific’, made up from footage of the Sawmills recording sessions as captured by producer John Leckie.

A Northern Soul:

The album has been remastered and, once again, augmented by the inclusion of all associated b-sides, two previously unreleased BBC radio sessions and seven unreleased studio tracks, including early versions of ‘The Rolling People’ and ‘Come On’ (later re-recorded for Urban Hymns) as well as ‘Mover’ and ‘Muhammad Ali’, songs that were to be revisited for The Verve’s 2008 reunion album, Forth.




CD1: The Remastered Album

Star Sail
Slide Away
Already There
Beautiful Mind
The Sun, The Sea
Virtual World
Make It ‘Til Monday
See You In The Next One (Have A Good Time)

CD2: B-sides, E.P. Tracks

All In The Mind (9/3/1992)
1. All In The Mind
2. One Way To Go
3. A Man Called Sun
She’s A Superstar (22/6/1992)
4. She’s A Superstar
5. Feel
Gravity Grave (5/10/1992)
6. Gravity Grave (Extended Version)
7. Endless Life
8. A Man Called Sun (live)
9. Gravity Grave (live encore)
Blue (10/5/1993)
10. Twilight
11. Where The Geese Go
12. No Come Down
13. Blue (USA Mix)
Slide Away (29/9/1992)
14. 6 O’Clock

CD3: B-Side, Radio Sessions, Unreleased Studio Tracks

Slide Away cont. (20/9/1993)
1. Make It Til Monday (acoustic)
2. Virtual World (acoustic)
Originally issued on the compilation ‘No Come Down’ (B-sides and out-takes)
3. Gravity Grave (live Glastonbury 1993)
4. Butterfly (acoustic)
Radio 1 Session – 7/02/1992 (previously unreleased)
5. Slide Away
6. She’s A Superstar
7. Already There
8. Brake Lights
RADIO 1 (Mark Radcliffe) Session – 7/12/1993 (previously unreleased)
9. Star Sail
10. A Man Called Sun
11. Six O’Clock
12. Gravity Grave
Unreleased Sawmills Studio Sessions (previously unreleased)
13. Shoeshine Girl
14. South Pacific


Promo videos
All In The Mind
She’s A Superstar
Gravity Grave
Slide Away

Live at Camden Town Hall – 23/10/92
Slide Away
All In The Mind
She’s A Superstar
Staring Stranger
A Man Called Sun
South Pacific
Already There
The Sun, The Sea
Gravity Grave

Bonus content:
A Man Called Sun (N.Y.C. Flatbed Truck – 1992)
South Pacific (Sawmills footage filmed by John Leckie)
Blue (USA Mix (promo video)


CD1: The Remastered Album

A New Decade
This Is Music
On Your Own
So It Goes
A Northern Soul
Brainstorm Interlude
Drive You Home
No Knock On My Door
Life’s An Ocean
Stormy Clouds

CD2: B-Sides

This Is Music
1. Let The Damage Begin
2. You And Me
On Your Own
3. I See The Door
4. Little Gem
5. Dance On Your Bones
6. History (radio edit)
7. Back On My Feet Again
8. On Your Own (Acoustic)
9. Monkey Magic (Brainstorm Mix)
10. Grey Skies
11. Life’s Not A Rehearsal

CD3 – Unreleased Studio and BBC Sessions

1. Brake Lights
2. Mover
3. Funky Jam (aka The Rolling People)
4. Echo Bass
5. Muhammad Ali
6. Come On
7. King Riff (aka This Is Music)
BBC Radio 1 Session – 28/6/1995
8. On Your Own
9. So It Goes
BBC Radio 1 Session (19/6/1995)
10. A New Decade
11. This Is Music
12. Life’s An Ocean
13. Come On

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