EMA to soundtrack #Horror movie

EMA has shared the first listen from her score for Tara Subkoff’s forthcoming movie #HORROR, starring Chloe Sevigny and Natasha Lyonne. The full score is to be released digitally on 11th December.

The film also features multiple works from high-profile fine artists such as Urs Fischer, Dan Colen and Tabor Robak. Subkoff got in touch with EMA after a tip from her husband Fischer, who was a fan.

Erika M. Anderson worked with frequent collaborator Leif Shackelford to compose over an hour’s worth of new material for the project ssing strings, voice samples and electronics. “Film work and scoring is fun for me because I get to make all this music that wouldn’t necessarily fit on an EMA record. ‘Amnesia Haze’ is so pop, so cinematic.  I get to kind of step out of myself and play the part,” Anderson explains.

Erika goes on to explain: “We worked really closely with Tara (Subkoff) on the music. She definitely always had an opinion on what she liked and what she didn’t. It was my first score, so I’m not sure if all composers end up spending weeks in a room with the director, but that’s how we did it.”

The film is inspired by actual events, as a group of young girls get involved in an addictive social media game that goes wrong.

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