In Conversation: Dumb Numbers’ Adam Harding

In August, Dumb Numbers (AKA Adam Harding And Friends) dropped their second album, II. A warm blur of genres and sounds, the album built on the expansive template of the band’s eponymously titled debut. Catching up with Harding in early October we find him already forging forward, not dwelling on the past, seeking fresh futures. Adam Harding: I’m working now on a 12”, two really long songs with Dale (Crover) on drums, re-workings of already released songs. They were recorded last year and Thor Harris is going to play on that. Dave and I met him at a Swans show a year or two ago and got along great so I wrote to him a week ago and he’s up for that. The next full-length album I’ve been working on on-and-off since 2009 with a couple of musicians who weren’t on the first two albums – it’s going to be really different. Words & Guitars: Things really seem to be ratcheting up for Dumb Numbers, you’re forging ahead with new things already… AH: Well, we get together to record maybe once a year, but I’ve been writing music for so long that I have a grab-bag of songs that I … Continue reading In Conversation: Dumb Numbers’ Adam Harding