Oasis’ ‘Be Here Now’: What Happens When You Run Out Of Dreams?

I feel nothing but affection for the Oasis of 1993-1997. It was refreshing, at the time, to hear songs of gentle hope and fortitude that spoke to any small town/inner city/rural/suburban striver trying to brush off day-to-day indignities and discouragements, and to snatch at the belief that there was something better there for the taking. All the band’s best moments were suffused with an optimistic energy; no oh-so-clever and postmodern ironic asides; no-one hauling you back down into the mire of reduced expectation. Talk of plagiarism and Beatles-worship was irrelevant compared to the warmth that came from big, brash guitar pop that could be sung lustily by any crowd of strangers. Like three-quarters of a million Brits, I had headed out in early July ‘97 to pick up the first single, ‘D’You Know What I Mean?’, loved it and hotly anticipated the album to come. August rolled round, however, and the album barely dented my consciousness. The two singles to follow were lacklustre packages compared to the anthemic A-sides and B-side gems Oasis had, without fail, crammed onto previous singles. The new reissue of Be Here Now offers almost twenty years distance; divorced from the portentious moment of its release, … Continue reading Oasis’ ‘Be Here Now’: What Happens When You Run Out Of Dreams?