Metronomy – Summer 08

Summer 08. A clear hearkening back to headier days in both title and sound, a trigger to one’s own memory of the time. Metronomy had just finished recording their opus, Nights Out, and their career was on the verge of lift off. Ironically, this latest album by the Devon electronica group resembles little of the up-tempo electrofunk vibes of that breakthrough; instead, the soft-tronica sound of Summer 08 is more in sync with their debut, Pip Paine, as like then, front-man Joseph Mount has decided to go it alone in the recording booth. Although not without moments of intrigue, this new album is less inspiring of nostalgic glow than a step backwards artistically.

The cosmic sounds and chilled vibes of 2008-2011 may mark the zenith of Metronomy’s career, but it seems Mount’s radical recording shift was mostly for naught. The album kicks off interestingly enough, with ‘Back Together’ booting up like a Nineties video game console before delivering some very smooth jams, and classic bass grooves underline many of the stronger tracks (‘Miami Logic’ and ‘Night Owl’). Ultimately however, Mount’s attempt to relive former glories tends to falter into monotony – more seasonal wash-out than the lobster-pink of a summer worth revelling in.