J’Accuse Jesse Hughes

In March 2016, the world’s population reached 7.4 billion people. There’s no way of measuring the complex interplay of uniquely individual choices versus the social, economic, religious and political influences that steer people’s actions willingly, or unwillingly, because one is observing an almost infinite combination of decisions and reactions with every moment. To comprehend a person we reduce them to a fiction, to an enduring illusion remaining ever the same, except where we acknowledge heavily-signposted changes — it allows us to overcome the inconsistency and discontinuity in a normal person’s actions and statements. That same reductionism is how we seek to understand wider swathes of humanity; we substitute a straw-man and let it stand for thousands, if not millions, of individuals. Thus we ‘know’ what a banker is like; what a welfare recipient is like; what a redneck is like; what a Jew/Buddhist/Evangelist/Catholic/Muslim is like — the illusion is comforting in a way that the fluid confusion of reality is not. In the case of Jesse Hughes and his comments on the Bataclan attack in Paris to Taki’s Magazine, it’s always disheartening to witness such a morass of ignorance issuing from a mouth with a microphone and a media soapbox. … Continue reading J’Accuse Jesse Hughes