2015 in Music: Staff Picks

Were there stupider things to attempt in 2015 than launch yet another music-focussed website? Maybes. Nevertheless, here we are. It’s been a bit of a wheeze so far. We may have only been properly live since late September, but as the countdown to Christmas ticks off, it became obvious that the ‘End of Year Albums List’ is a party so glamorous that we were determined not to miss it. That said, we always found such affairs a little confusing – how do you decide the difference between the 33rd and 34th best albums in a twelve month period? – and didn’t want to spend days disappearing down that particular rabbit hole, not when there are vol-au-vents and mince pies being served on the buffet of life. So to make things simpler, here’s our favourite album of 2015 and then a bunch of personal picks from our tiny, tiny team. It’s been a good year (aren’t they all?) and we look forward to whatever the next twelve months is going to throw up. W&G Album of the Year – Desperate Journalist A handful of self-released EPs were clear indicators of Desperate Journalist‘s promise but their self-titled debut, released at the start of year on Fierce Panda, was … Continue reading 2015 in Music: Staff Picks