Scum Down Heavy: The Melvins interviewed

With Sonic Youth gone, The Melvins are just about the last band standing from the Eighties heyday of wild twists on the punk formula. But becoming a legend means more than just survival. It’s about keeping a creative cutting-edge, a visible striving for new potential and fresh avenues to create musical impact. The Melvins have careered forward with seven EPs and albums pouring out in just the last couple of years, and with a major tour documentary catching their 51 day slalom-ride through 51 dates in 50 U.S. states (plus Washington DC) – the Melvins haven’t gone the route of break-up and reformation, descent into irrelevance or commerce-seeking sell-out. Catching them before their show at the Electric Ballroom in Camden earlier this month, Buzz Osborne and Dale Crover proved charming hosts, unwilling to compromise their views for anyone – happy to tackle any topic laid before them with no apologies and no crowd-pleasing attempts to soft-soap. The interview took in their origins in the smallest of small town environments in the isolated far North-West of America (several hours ride even to the small college town of Olympia) all the way through to their upcoming moves and desire to do this until they … Continue reading Scum Down Heavy: The Melvins interviewed