Adam Golebiewski – Pool North

Improvisational records depend, for their effect, on your personal enjoyment of sound as opposed to song. If the easy comfort of verse-chorus-verse laid over a backing rhythm is all you have patience for – then steer well clear. Adam Golebiewski’s Pool North (the Polish percussionist’s first album of solo compositions) is an opportunity to escape the tyranny of the beat and to encounter the drum-kit anew, as a sound source which – in the right hands – can create a palette as varied and expansive as the guitar or saxophone. The sharp audio clarity of this release is of deep significance because it lends these acoustic improvisations a tactility, a tangibility, as if they were being performed in one’s room and one could observe their creation close-up. On ‘Half Blame’, Golebiewski tears a slow motion car-crash from his kit; a cataclysm of sheered metal is ripped apart and dragged squealing along a motorway hardtop. By contrast, ‘Manner and Timbre’ comes close to the sound of a string quartet with the rumble of a distant bike race approaching, sounds turning corners, tones riding in and receding. The mood flips entirely on ‘Glass of Seawater’ which conjures an entire underworld of fluted shivers in … Continue reading Adam Golebiewski – Pool North